The brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Occasionally are added small quantities of other elements (To, Sn, Pb ó Seize) to promote someone of the characteristics of the alloy.
The first metals that the man used were the copper and the gold, soft and weak both in pure condition and with a limited usefulness.
In the particular case of the copper, this one has been present in the activities of the man since it discovered the fire and the metal could work with major facility.

In the Roman empire his use was intensified in pipelines, warlike instruments, adornments and statues, among other things.
To improve the characteristics of the pure metals, two are combined or more of them achieving, for example, major hardness or resistance.
It is as well as near 3500 B.C., in Mesopotamia there was created the bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, resistant to the corrosion, but much more I last and fort that each of the metals separately.

The bronze was used for the manufacture of armaments and tools.
About 1400 B.C. there is discovered the brass, alloy of copper and zinc, which presents an excellent behavior opposite to the deformation, besides a great malleability in cold and in warm.
It is resistant to the corrosion and to the wear. His use masificó only in 250 B.C. with the manufacture of coins in the Roman empire.

The applications of the brass have included the most diverse fields, from the armament up to the ornamentation.
Especially it (he,she) was in use in the XVth century for the production (elaboration) of astronomic instruments, then, with the appearance of the press, the brass was a fundamental part (report) of the typographical work.

In the middle of the XVIth century, in Europe, the screws and nuts were elaborated principally of brass, copper and bronze, besides the brass was in use for elaborating the gears of the clocks, and finally in the XVIIth century it is in use in the optical telescope in Holland, in the clock of pendulum and for the manufacture of cutlery.

Nowadays the applications of the brass include sanitary plumbing fixtures, of gas, locksmithing, self-propelling articles like thermostats, electrical components, decoration, tornillería, between different many.