CEMBRASS S.A. is a Chilean metallurgical company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of brass products, with productive plants in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  CEMBRASS is the market leader in Chile and Argentina and has a wide range of experience in exporting all over the American continent.  CEMBRASS mainly exports its products to Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States.
The Santiago plant has a capacity to produce 14 thousand tons a year and was inaugurated in 1998. In 2011, Cembrass S.A. was acquired by TERMOMECANICA SÃO PAULO S.A., Brazilian leader in transforming copper and its alloys.
CEMBRASS S.A. has the most advanced technology in brass manufacturing.  Its modern automated productive process includes melting, extrusion, and drawing, which involve bar production of brass alloys for forging and free cutting.  The band manufacturing process includes melting, laminating and cutting.  
The raw material used is based on virgin materials (Cu, Zn, Pb) and a careful selection of brass and copper scraps.  This ensures undisputed quality in manufacturing products for the gas, water, locksmith and automobile industry.  As Chile is the largest copper producer in the world, CEMBRASS S.A. has a guaranteed supply of its main raw material.
CEMBRASS S.A. concerns itself with providing its customers with an excellent service, ensuring the quality of all of its processes through its ISO 9001 certification, version 2008.  The company also has a modern quality control laboratory operated by trained technicians who verify the product during each of its processes.